A 2002 article from Maxim magazine

Actual coloring books Santa leaves for kids who stick crayons where they don’t belong.

“An Better It Be When the Moon is Full” (A Coloring Book for Wiccan Children)
Even your imaginary girlfriend from Charmed had to learn somewhere. If you searched her closet, (which that restraining order forbids) you might find this sadly wholesome coloring book, in which the witches’ Sabbath comes off as a family picnic with Mom and Dad in robes and a funny uncle who keeps talking about getting “skyclad.”

Color Me Cleveland
Not only a popular expletive in the Buckeye state, “Color Me Cleveland,” is also the title of a sassy new coloring book about the city where Drew Carey would like you to rock. Crammed with compelling historical tidbits and expertly detailed artwork, this volume is sure to be a favorite in schools and halfway houses nationwide.

Kolie and the Funeral
Conceived by grief recovery expert Ralph L. Klicker, PhD, this coloring book helps young Koalas deal with the loss of a loved one. Despite its worthy intentions, Klicker’s narrative describes a disturbingly segregated society in which marsupial-only funeral homes and cemeteries appear to be the norm.

The Latest Greatest Coloring Book About Lice
Away with old books and preconceptions! No longer are lice monstrous pus-colored little crustaceans you catch from visiting K-Mart. This book reveals them to be cooperative, good-spirited bipeds with sporty antennae and cute spandex suits. Makes you think twice about combing them out and squashing them on the tablecloth.

The Black Panther Coloring Book
This FBI fabrication was intended to incite outrage against the brothers with its gore-drenched drawings of whitey (a slathering pig swirling with flies) getting his comeuppance from bare-chested, heavily-armed, Mandigo-muscled Panthers. Perfect for coloring with the old Crayola crayons labeled “flesh.”

Brasco, Making Firearms Safety Fun (and other important lessons in life)
Brasco is a cuddly gun-wielding Semitic teddy bear representing Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership. He has many lessons to share, like “If you believe the things the United Nations tells you, you will never know the fun of a gun.” Kolie’s Grandpa believed those things, until that meeting in the parking lot.