Art & Fabrication

Other than my writing, my every other creative endeavor  has required me to make things with my hands.  Often these projects were undertaken largely as a excuse for me to make things.  The Cacophony Society constantly required props assembled out of cheap materials and dumpster-diving finds.  Our haunted houses (“The Museum of Mental Decay”) were sometimes closer to installation art than anything else. For The Art of Bleeding, I created three environmental installations, a walk-through womb complete with giant fetus, a “haunted clinic” in an abandoned hospital, and a parking lot car crash installation employing wrecked cars, actors in trauma makeup, and various effects.  For costumes and masks used in Krampus Los Angeles productions, I sculpted masks, molded and cast them, even did some sewing and leather work.  My digital animation often required handmade models, props, and sets.  Assemblage is my favorite forms of visual expression, and is the medium of pieces I’ve contributed for gallery shows. More on this and forthcoming. Site redesign: Spring 2017.