In 2016, I completed my Krampus book, the first in-depth treatment of the tradition in English.  However, my interest in the topic predates that.  In 2013, as co-founder of Krampus Los Angeles, I helped gather a troupe of Krampus performers, crafted suits and went on to organize an ongoing series of parades and themed shows known as LA Krampusfest.  In 2014, Our  group hosted the first European visitors to appear stateside in traditional costumes, and in 2015 we hosted an entire troupe from the state of Salzburg. I have also directed productions of a 19th-century Austrian Krampus play from a script of my own translation, lectured on the Krampus at the international Goethe-Institut, The Art Institute of San Diego, the New Americans Museum, and have exhibited my handcrafted suits and masks at the University of Southern California’s Doheny Museum.

For now, my other website is a better source for following these Krampus activities.