Maxim Magazine

Like a hole in your head?
Trepanation lets the light shine in.

Kopi” Happens!
Gourmet coffee straight from the gut.

Clean Freaks
When soap and water just aren’t enough.

Outside the Lines
Actual coloring books Santa leaves for kids who stick crayons where they don’t belong.

Am I an Adventurer Yet?
Vacation tips for moneyed masochists.

Plastic Arts
Want to show the ladies your inner beauty? Gunther von Hagens’ Plastination may be your final solution.

Stuff Magazine

A compendium of carnal knowledge.

Screw Everything
An A-to-Z of perverse pleasure seeking.

Bullshit Your Way Through an Art Museum
A Philistine’s guide to faking it.

“Carmine,” a sweet girly name for ruby red, is also the name of a coloring used in foods, cosmetics, and textiles.  A slightly less pretty name: bug juice.

Talk Like a Carny!
Learning the gooble-gobble jargon of the freak-show is the first step toward acceptance.

Last Suppers of the Lone Star State
Get to know the Texas murder set through their final food choices.

Edible Undies
ZEBRA The magically sad ingredients of a classic sex shop novelty.

LA Weekly

Moving Art
Eccentrically decorated cars are the mobile canvas for these artists gathering on a Los Angeles parking garage rooftop.

Flipside Magazine

GG’s Ride Home
Eyewitness to punk provocateur GG Allin’s final show as it erupts into public pandemonium.

Juztapoz Art and Culture Magazine

The Billboard Liberation Front
Renegade artists alter billboards in a decades long experiment in corporate subversion.

Getting It

Alien Lizard Jazz Goddess
Pop-jazz studio vocalist Pamela Stonebrooke channels alien encounters into music.

A Chat with Robert Moog
From his home studio in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains, electronic music pioneer Robert Moog reflects on the pop music’s embrace of the retro-analog ideal.