Bone and Sickle Podcast

Bone and Sickle is my most recent project, ongoing since May 2018, offering 2 shows monthly.  I am the host, writer, and producer.

The podcast is a  celebration of the intersection of horror, folklore, and history. Every episode offers a bounty of frightful tales, fantastic legends, and macabre historical anecdotes. Dramatized readings of historical texts unfold within an immersive ever-shifting soundscape of original music, old folk ballads, intricately layered effects, and audio clips from horror films both classic and campy. Ridenour’s source books, though real enough, are said to be pulled from a vast private library of antiquarian tastes, part of a manor-house environment in the neighborhood of Charles Addams and Edward Gorey. Ridenour is attended in his imaginary study by the impeccably subservient valet Wilkinson (Rick Galiher), whose distinctly patrician voice provides quotations from any volumes discussed. Interactions between the two reveal a deeply unhealthy mix of fawning attention and neurotic cruelty and indifference. WEBSITE.